221b Baker Street

221b Baker Street

Slot machine test: 221 b Baker Street

In the world, there are certainly very many addresses, but few of them are known about the masses. The slot machine 221 b Baker Street but certainly belongs. Lives of course none other than the famous Sherlock Holmes, the famous private investigator in the world. Although the figure of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has a few years under their belt, she is not yet old. Again, there are successful Filmadapationen. But also in the slot casino Sherlock Holmes makes a good figure. One wonders in how well he probably would cut off at an online slot machine. In the slot game 221B Baker Street anyway, you can come to him in his adventures. The symbols are appropriately selected and also his nemesis Moriarty is here. For fans of the character a great gaming experience, but also away from the profit opportunities can this be mercury slots see and make a worthwhile possibility 221B Baker Street.

Play 221b Baker Street online now!

221B Baker Street online game

The slot machine has the background a very nice graphics, both as well as the symbols concerned. Since these are in addition also colour-coded, you can find along you very fast well. But of course the slot tells you when you should have won. This is always the case if the rollers with rows of covered, which consist of the same symbols. But not enough, because in theory even multiple win lines can be made. The line, of which twenty pieces across the five reels change are important for in any case.

A payline must always on one of the lines and the first symbol of far left. Winnings are calculated as three different points: one, the icon is crucial, because they are worth a lot different. Moreover, but also the length of a winning line. The longer a series at 221B Baker Street, the multiplier, then your line bet is multiplied and calculated as the profit of the round is higher. If multiple win lines were made, the amounts are simply added. You can see what gains / multipliers there, in the 'Paytable'.

The slot game symbols in 221B Baker Street online slot

Although Sherlock Holmes could certainly also more handle, there is relatively little icons in the slot - compared to other slot machines. The letters J, Q, K, and A start and provide profit, if at least three of the same symbols are side by side. It follow the magnifying glass, the tincture and the revolver. The last two are even in two rows, which often leads to gains.

Then there are still the two main characters. On the one hand, Sherlock Holmes, on the other James Moriarty. They have in common that they can lead you to good gains, but then something even more on the box has Holmes in this respect. Also, he can replace other symbols as wild.

Slot machines instructions from 221 b Baker Street

Not Holmes be replaced by, can the two bonus symbols. Should three times which appear Big Ben, rewards you 221B Baker Street with free games. In the following rounds, you must pay any usage. The duel bonus makes his name all honor, since is actually shot in the game and you can pocket a few extra gains.

Conclusion to the 221B Baker Street test

You can play 221 b Baker Street, inter alia at Sunmaker Casino. If you are just going to take a look, then you can even without registration. With a real deposit as a pending customer concerns but also real benefits. And thanks to the bonus symbols the 221B Baker Street machine game can be very lucrative. This of course depends on your usage, but a Holmes on the first reel wild can lead to good profits. It should be ready, are available two risk modes available with which you can even double your profits. If you are still unsure, can the demo version of 221B Baker Street play for free here. We wish you most definitely have fun.

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